The genesis No.2 (Part One)-A Question over the Japanese Leftists' Concept of Peace

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1. I try to be accurate when translating all the discourses I came across in preparing for this presentation. 2. I try to be concise enough to point out the aspects possibly related to the play when translating all the discourses I came across in preparing for this presentation. 3. Whatever discourses I translate will remain tentative until I get satisfied with their accuracy.4. I reserve the right to decide which discourses I choose for this play.

Character of The genesis No. 2 (Part One):
Mr. Toshio Tamogami is one who is said to represent the silent majority in Japan and ex-Chief of Staff of Japan Air Self-Defense Force from March 2007 to November 2008.

The first video footage in which Mr. Toshio Tamogami lectures on "A Question over Hiroshima type Peace" on August 6, 2009

A Brief Summary of Prelude (the first 11 minutes) :

This video begins with the usual scene of Hiroshima city on August 6, which shows some kind of festival going on among those leftists protesting against nukes and at the same time against Mr. Toshio Tamogami scheduled to deliver the lecture titled "A Question over Hiroshima-type Peace". The ordinary citizens observe the annual event of August 6 for peace without knowing what's really behind the status quo in Japan in relation to a notion of Hiroshima-type peace.

It is said that most of those protesting against nukes are leftists gathered from all over Japan, thereby making it difficult to find the 2nd generation of A-Bomb victims among those gathering at Peace Memorial Ceremony. According to Mr. Toshio Tamogami, the annual event of August 6 for peace in Hiroshima should be considered as a leftist movement whose sole purpose is to weaken Japan and her people by making them believe that the whole world would abandon the nuclear arms not to repeat the same inhumane atrocities as inflicted upon the Japanese people.

The fact that they don't say a word about North Korean No-Dong, Chinese 東風21DF-21 (DF -21 (Dong-Feng-21), and JL-1 submarine-launched ballistic missile  巨浪1always targeted at Japan and her people, proves his point that they are those trying to deceive and weaken Japan and her people


A Summary of Lecture titled "A Question over Hiroshima-type Peace" delivered by Mr. Toshio Tamogami:

1. Nuclear Armament in Japan

The complete abolition of nuclear armament for the world peace Mayor of Hiroshima city envisages in his mind will not immediately lead to the world peace.

As I recall, almost 20 years ago the British PM Ms.Thacher pointed out two things in response to the radical movement in Europe and England, in which many Europeans and British protested against the deployment of intermediate range missiles to compete with the Soviet SS-20 (a solid-fuel, two-stage, theatre-based ballistic missile). The movement was possibly agitated by the Soviet Union.

One is that she prefers the peaceful world with nukes to the world at war without nukes. The other is that Japan suffered nuclear attacks because she was not armed with nukes. We really have to think of whether we can maintain peace without nukes from now.

2. Freedom of Speech in Japan after the end of WWII

As long as we criticise Japan for whatever she does, we receive praise. On the other hand, once we praise Japan for what we really consider worth praising, we get kicked around and sucked. It is almost like "No freedom of speech is given to us."  Particularly the freedom of speech the military men can enjoy is extremely limited.

As far as we express our opinions within the framework "unarmed neutrality" outlined by Japan Socialist Party (now reduced to be a minor party called Social Democratic Party Japan),  we have unlimited freedom

If Japan is a true democratic society, we should be able to freely discuss whether we should be armed with nuclear weapons or not.

3. Japan is the Only Nation in the Free World, with Internal Bureaus to Monitor the Military

Internal bureaus within the Ministry of Self-Defense whose major function is to supervise JSDF are considered as stumbling blocks in carrying out our routine work of defending Japan. Those working at the internal bureaus are almost similar to the political officers in the communist states such as Russia, China and North Korea, thereby making us believe that they monitor whatever we do.

Since we carry out our routine work going through the time consuming process of getting approval at every level of the internal bureaus, nothing can be decided right on time. In reality, the final approval to dispatch our troops to Iraq and to the Indian ocean required more than six months. Even to Somalia, it will probably require the same amount of time.

4. Japan still Controlled by both U.S. Occupation Troops and Japan Socialist Party

I was sucked because I just said "Japan was a good country." My historical perspective angered the Defense Minister Mr. Hamada believing that Japan was a bad country. I believe there is something wrong with Japan. What country will fire the military man who praises his country? It is Japan.

Japan was defeated by US. During US occupation, US practiced "purge of public officials" in accordance with a guideline established by US. The guideline US indicated is, if I put it in simple terms, "if you criticise US and praise Japan, you get sucked." Therefore,  the situation we still have here has not changed at all even after US occupation troops left decades ago.

By a big mistake, the then chairman of Japan Socialist Party became the Prime Minister of Japan in 1995 who later published his statement so-called Murayama Statement, which every Prime Minister of Japan cannot ignore. Again, we are still controlled by Japan Socialist Party, now reduced into a minor political party called Social Democratic Party Japan.

5. Liberal Democratic Party has been Addicted to a Drug called "being sided with the leftists" while Democratic Party of Japan Emphasizes "friendship diplomacy"

Liberal Democratic Party has already lost its identity of being conservative because it has kept injecting a drug called "being sided with the leftists" for many years desperately clinging on to the power. It is no longer regarded as a conservative party at all.

Democratic Party of Japan is worse than Liberal Democratic Party. They keep saying that they will produce the diplomatic achievements based on "Friendship". This party, if risen to power, will collapse in six months.

When both Liberal Democratic Party and Democratic Party of Japan collapse, all conservatives will join together to organize a strong conservative party. Otherwise, Japan will remain stagnant.

6. Nuclear state or Small State (Automatic Teller Machine)

What's stated in Peace Declaration by Mayor of Hiroshima Mr. Akiba is not going to be realized. It is only a dream. And, President Obama intended only to increase its relative power by emphasizing "take concrete steps towards a world without nuclear weapons" in Praque but no leaders except the Japanese leader would say anything damaging to their own interests. The best we can expect from his statement is the destruction of old nukes, etc.

Leaders in the world, whenever they see a chance to arm themselves with nuclear arsenals, they are willing to do so. However, Japan is letting the best chance to arm itself with nukes go. What I mean by the best chance is that North Korea has been developing its nuclear arsenals, thus creating a threat to Japan in the Far East.

When Japan declares to go nuclear, US will surely object it because Japan will have a bigger say in the world politics. When Japan is armed with nuclear weapons, Japan will assume the same responsibility for the world politics as other nuclear states do.

If Japan chooses to be a small nation in terms of political leadership in the world, getting a kick out of being "ATM", I will not object it. However, once you attain the economic power, you normally tend to achieve the military power. If you would like to be respected, you should choose to strengthen the military power.

7. Nuclear Arms as a Deterrent to the War

Nuclear armament is highly cost effective when compared with the conventional arms. One nuclear bomb explosion is so devastating that no nation can stand it. Therefore, a small nation like North Korea is desperate to complete its nuclear armament. Nuclear arms are not for pre-emptive attacks. If you attack others with nuclear weapons, you will get nuclear reprisals. The only reason why we should possess nuclear arms is to prevent nuclear attacks as they are now considered defensive. We all know that there will be no victor in the nuclear war. As evidenced in the case of India and Pakistan, we have not seen any conflicts between two states in the recent years after they both acquired nuclear arms.

Although the leftists keep saying that Japan should not arm herself with nuclear weapons because Japan was the only state attacked with nuclear bombs, I believe that Japan, the only state who experienced nuclear attacks should be armed with nukes to defend herself against the third attack.

8. Historical Perspective

I saw two children either forced or brainwashed to read a piece of paper at Peace Memorial Ceremony on TV this morning, most probably prepared by some adults before more than 10,000 people (only few A-bomb victims among them) who were brought here by the leftists (teachers, etc.) from all over Japan, attended by Prime Minister of Japan. It is like watching a cartoon on TV.

The only Asian nation Japan had to fight against in Asia was China as opposed to what the Murayama statement says. Moreover, Japan fought against Britain in Burma, India, etc. and against US in Philippines and against Netherlands in Indonesia. The true history is that Japan helped them become independent from the western powers.

Japan and Thailand were only two states independent in those days. Thailand was a buffer zone between France and Britain. The true independent state was only Japan. Tokyo Tribunal was in fact a revenge against Japan.

1.In Japan, there exist two major anti-nuclear movement groups, one of which is called "Gensuikyou" organized by Japanese Communist Party, and the other "Gensuikin" by Social Democratic Party Japan. "Gensuikin" is said to have been supported by the Soviet Union in 1960s.
2. 村山談話 Murayama danwa has been translated into English as Murayama statement as if to say it is an official statement made in 1995 by Prime Minister of Japan Mr. Murayama (the then chairman of Japan Socialist Party who always opposed Japan's alliance with U.S. , 81st Prime Minister of Japan, the coalition government formed by Liberal Democratic Party, Japan Socialist Party, and New Party Sakigake).
However, "談話 Danwa" literally means "talk" in English. 


That weapon of human extinction, the atomic bomb, was dropped on the people of Hiroshima sixty-four years ago. Yet the hibakusha’s suffering, a hell no words can convey, continues. Radiation absorbed 64 years earlier continues to eat at their bodies, and memories of 64 years ago flash back as if they had happened yesterday.
Fortunately, the grave implications of the hibakusha experience are granted legal support. A good example of this support is the courageous court decision humbly accepting the fact that the effects of radiation on the human body have yet to be fully elucidated. The Japanese national government should make its assistance measures fully appropriate to the situations of the aging hibakusha, including those exposed in “black rain areas” and those living overseas. Then, tearing down the walls between its ministries and agencies, it should lead the world as standard-bearer for the movement to abolish nuclear weapons by 2020 to actualize the fervent desire of hibakusha that “No one else should ever suffer as we did.”
In April this year, US President Obama speaking in Prague said, “…as the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon, the United States has a moral responsibility to act.” And “…take concrete steps towards a world without nuclear weapons.” Nuclear weapons abolition is the will not only of the hibakusha but also of the vast majority of people and nations on this planet. The fact that President Obama is listening to those voices has solidified our conviction that “the only role for nuclear weapons is to be abolished.”
In response, we support President Obama and have a moral responsibility to act to abolish nuclear weapons. To emphasize this point, we refer to ourselves, the great global majority, as the “Obamajority,” and we call on the rest of the world to join forces with us to eliminate all nuclear weapons by 2020. The essence of this idea is embodied in the Japanese Constitution, which is ever more highly esteemed around the world.
Now, with more than 3,000 member cities worldwide, Mayors for Peace has given concrete substance to our “2020 Vision” through the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Protocol, and we are doing everything in our power to promote its adoption at the NPT Review Conference next year. Once the Protocol is adopted, our scenario calls for an immediate halt to all efforts to acquire or deploy nuclear weapons by all countries, including the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which has so recently conducted defiant nuclear tests; visits by leaders of nuclear-weapon states and suspect states to the A-bombed cities; early convening of a UN Special Session devoted to Disarmament; an immediate start to negotiations with the goal of concluding a nuclear weapons convention by 2015; and finally, to eliminate all nuclear weapons by 2020. We will adopt a more detailed plan at the Mayors for Peace General Conference that begins tomorrow in Nagasaki.
The year 2020 is important because we wish to enter a world without nuclear weapons with as many hibakusha as possible. Furthermore, if our generation fails to eliminate nuclear weapons, we will have failed to fulfill our minimum responsibility to those that follow.
Global Zero, the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament and others of influence throughout the world have initiated positive programs that seek the abolition of nuclear weapons. We sincerely hope that they will all join the circle of those pressing for 2020.
As seen in the anti-personnel landmine ban, liberation from poverty through the Grameen Bank, the prevention of global warming and other such movements, global democracy that respects the majority will of the world and solves problems through the power of the people has truly begun to grow. To nurture this growth and go on to solve other major problems, we must create a mechanism by which the voices of the people can be delivered directly into the UN. One idea would be to create a “Lower House” of the United Nations made up of 100 cities that have suffered major tragedies due to war and other disasters, plus another 100 cities with large populations, totaling 200 cities. The current UN General Assembly would then become the “Upper House.”
On the occasion of the Peace Memorial Ceremony commemorating the 64th anniversary of the atomic bombing, we offer our solemn, heartfelt condolence to the souls of the A-bomb victims, and, together with the city of Nagasaki and the majority of Earth’s people and nations, we pledge to strive with all our strength for a world free from nuclear weapons.
We have the power. We have the responsibility. And we are the Obamajority. Together, we can abolish nuclear weapons. Yes, we can.

August 6, 2009

Tadatoshi Akiba
The City of Hiroshima

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