The Korean Residents Worship Kim Il Song and Kim John Il in Japan

The Japanese tweet I focus on is the following:

tsukiya1970 月夜
朝鮮学校卒業式風景。これに日本人の血税をなんの規制もなく注ぎこませようとしているのが民主党。 조선 학교는 필요 없다 http://twitpic.com/3a9app

Here is the tentative translation of the above tweet.
Commencement ceremony at a Korean school in Japan. The Democratic Party of Japan is willing to pour Japan's national budget (money collected from the hardworking and honest Japanese nationals ) into the Korean schools.

My comment

The photo http://twitpic.com/3a9app is just one of the evidences showing that the korean residents in Japan pursue the ideology prescribed by Kim Jong Il. The students attending those schools are taught to worship Kim Il Song and Kim John Il while benefiting from what Japan can offer economically.

Those korean residents refuse to attend schools in Japan although they are entitled to enjoy the equal rights as the Japanese nationals do.

In fact, what they teach there is not based upon Fundamental Law of Education enacted in 1947. http://bit.ly/igO4dD However, the Kan administration has shown such a passion as to financially assist their schools with the taxes collected from the hardworking Japanese believing in democracy and free market economy.

Suppose some terrorist groups establish their schools in the United States of America and teach everything against the U.S.A. I don't think any Americans will dare to support those schools unless they are also terrorists.


The photo attached herein shows their commencement ceremony in which graduating students listen to school principal say with the photos of Kim Il Song and Kim John Il behind him.

They worship daily Kim Il Song and Kim John Il even in their classrooms.

Some local governments have been financially assisting the Korean schools for many years without any consensus among the Japanese nationals. The Government of Japan made a Cabinet decision on October 12, 1949 in which the central government and the local governments have no obligations to financially assist the Korean schools and those schools should be financially managed by themselves.

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