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Video Gallery is a page where you find the videos the Japanese nationals consider most important to them in relation to the issues Japan has been confronted with.

April 30, 2011-Ms. Miki Ando won Gold Medal, showing us her big smile while "Rising Sun Flag" was being hoisted high in Moscow, Russia, with Japan's national anthem "Kimigayo".

March 16, 2011-U.S. Navy is helping the people in the disaster-stricken areas

All of sudden, one U.S  Navy helicopter has landed at the isolated evacuation center in the disaster-stricken area to hand over food supplies to the victims of massive quakes and Tsunami.

A man in charge of the evacuation center said: He really appreciates this surprise gift from U.S. Navy. I really feel like bursting into tears.

February 6, 2011-An argument between the Korean mother and her son in Japan over whether the Korean mother was drafted and was moved to Japan by the Imperial Japan.

Her son said: I often visit my mother and spend some time with her. She is so confused whenever she talks about her past.
A Korean mother said: I was drafted by the Imperial Japan when I was 12 years old. That's why I came to Japan.
Her son said: There was no such a thing like draft when you came to Japan. We all know it because we have a clear evidence. Why do you have to say so? You came here at your own will. What a silly thing you keep saying?
A Korean mother said: I was working at a factory. All my friends know it. My son has no ideology.

February 3, 2011-A Japanese street speaker is attacked by a South Korean in Japan.

This video shows a man who admits himself being a South Korean in Japan attacks a Japanese street speaker.

The video says that the incident happened on Sunday April 5, 2009 at around 17:30 when a Japanese street speaker was protesting against the launching of a long-range missile by North Korea (related story: ) by pointing out that Pachinko industry (more than 90% owned and operated by the Korean residents in Japan) generates money for the North Korea to pursue its missile development and military build-up and to maintain its dictatorship. It has been internationally known since the related articles were published by The New York Times and The Washington Post.

After his public speech was over, a young man attentively listening to what the speaker was saying came up to him and attacked him.

Policemen arrived at the scene, trying to stop the young man while the victim was asking the policemen to arrest the young man for his violent act

February 2, 2011-Japan's New Hero Mr. Lee who made a winning goal in Asia Cup speaks up why he decided to become a naturalized Japanese citizen.

In this video, Mr. Lee Japan's national hero talks about his experience in Korea

Mr. Lee said: I wasn't so good at Hangul. I have to admit that I wasn't good enough to communicate with the people there but they said "Why the Zainichi had to come here to join us?" I was very much devastated when I heard them say things like this.

An Interviewer said: What did they actually say to you in Korean?

Mr. Lee said: Pig's leg (In Korea, it seems that they call the Japanese this way) or a half Japanese (the Zainichi Korean). I've never thought that they would regard me this way. I really thought that the S. Koreans on the Korean peninsula would be better sided with me. That's why I went there.  It was like the whole world was collapsing in my mind when I got to know this fact entirely contrary to what I used to envisage. This incident completely changed the way I look at things.

Aditional Information on the above:

A Korean TV reported that Mr. Lee is the Korean resident in Japan (The Zainichi) while every TV channel in Japan praises him for his winning goal in Asia Cup.  He is not a Korean resident in Japan but he is a Japanese national.

Moreover, his father appeared on TV and proudly said that his son  is "made in Japan". Mr. Lee is the 4th generation of the Korean residents in Japan but decided to become naturalized in 2007 because he wanted to show other Korean residents in Japan "becoming a Japanese national is one choice."

January 21, 2011-Breaking News 
Travel Alert for those headed to UK where a newly discovered nuke-loving disease has been spreading. It is highly infectious.

This video shows a true nature of what BBC stands for. More importantly, it confirms a belief that Japan should be armed with nukes to defend itself against the third attack from those infected with nuke-loving disease.
This video no longer exists for the unknown reasons.

Watch this video newly uploaded by someone.
There is one Japanese Ph.D. holder from Cambridge Univ., well-know figure specialized in solving the so-called mind-brain problem here, trying to solve the problems he has observed so far. I truly hope that their mental problems will be soon solved by him.   Read the article written by Dr. Ken Mogi

May 27, 1905-Breaking-News 

News Presenter Mr. Yamanaka: The Russian Baltic fleet that left the Baltic Sea in September, 1904 for Japan has just entered Japan's territorial waters near Tsushima Straits today. The Sea of Japan battle will begin any time soon.  Ms. Tashiro. Will you present our breaking news in detail?

News Presenter Ms.Tashiro: Since our Imperial Japanese Army for the first time exchanged fire with the Imperial Russian Army on February 8, 1904, our army has been achieving brilliant military results in Port Arthur, Houten, etc. on the Liaodong Peninsula. Our victory will become almost certain only when the Russian Baltic fleet is destroyed in the Sea of Japan. Now, we will be getting the latest report of the Russian Baltic fleet movements from our reporter Mr. Ebata now at Tsushima Straits.

News Reporter Mr. Ebata: As you can see now , a large formation of warships is moving toward us. It appears that there are 40 battleships in the formation. But there is also a report coming in that a total number of the enemy ships are 38. We have not known any details yet. Our Imperial Japanese Navy fleet looks moving in formation with a majestic appearance.

News Presenter Ms.Tashiro: Mr. Ebata, we have just received a report saying that upon the confirmation of the Russian Baltic fleet passing through Tsushima Straits by the Imperial Japanese Navy, our Admiral Togo has wired a message to every battleship under his command. Do you have any idea of what his message says?

News Reporter Mr. Ebata: His message reads "Weather is fine but waves are high today." Our naval fleet look ready to fire at any moment. I am Ebata reporting from Tsushima Straits.

News Presenter Ms.Tashiro: Thank you very much for your report. Whenever you have any new development, please report to us. What does Admiral Togo's message mean? Mr. Yamanaka.

News Presenter Mr. Yamanaka: The message sent by Admiral Togo can be broken into two parts. The first part is "Weather is fine.", suggesting that since visibility is good, we can clearly observe the movements of our enemy ships. The second is "Waves are high.", meaning that our battleships are expected to demonstrate better maneuverability than the Russian ones do because our formation is smaller compared with the Russian one.

News Presenter Ms.Tashiro: If our naval fleet wins this battle. what will happen then?

News Presenter Mr.Yamanaka: It will be an epoch-making event because no Asian and African races have ever won a battle against the white race in the modern times. So, our Imperial forces will achieve the first victory over the white race since the colonization of Asia and Africa began. Not only  the Empire of Japan will be joining the club of major powers but also India and Southeast Asian states now colonized by the western powers will gradually resist their domination. This is a kind of picture we can see now.

News Presenter Ms.Tashiro: Many of the colonized Asian and African states may seek their independence from the western colonialists if the great achievement of wining over the Russian empire is made today.

News Presenter Mr.Yamanaka: That's right. So, I sincerely hope that our Imperial Navy will defeat the Russian Baltic fleet.

News Presenter Ms.Tashiro We will interrupt our regular programs and report any new developments whenever they come in. The whole world is now watching this event and Japan.

Note: The above is only a tentative translation of what's being reported. Please contact The Imperial Headquarters of the Empire of Japan for more precise information,

December 31, 2010-The Last Sunset of 2010 in Hawaii?

I wish I would be on this beach now .

December 28, 2010-You! Traitors!

This is a tentative translation of the tweet made by a Japanese guy who claims to be really loving Japan.

My tweeting and drinking have increased so much! You know why!

A guy who was running around, asking the people to sign up for the petition to reduce the sentence of North Korean abductors (those who abducted the Japanese nationals and transported them to North Korea.) now has become Prime Minister of Japan.

And, Ms. Tomiko Okazaki who protested against Japan right in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, raising the Japanese flag with X written on it has been running National Public Safety Commission of Japan. Watch this video:
And, one more guy who evaded tax declared that Japan is not only for the Japanese. That is Hatoyama
          shinjihi  hirata shinji 日本大好き! by tigerkitano
My comments:

The most important point that should deserve a serious attention from the general public in Japan is as follows:

It is said that she joined a group of the Korean activists protesting against Japan while on official duty as a member of the House of Councillors, the National Diet of Japan, with all the expenses paid by the Government of Japan.

Suppose an American senator goes to Turkey on official duty and joins a group of some activists protesting against the U.S.A. in front of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara for whatever reasons he or she may have. How will the general public react to it?

Some say that she was on a watch list created by National Public Safety Commission because of her tendency to work against the national interests until Prime Minister Mr. Kan appointed her as Chief of National Public Safety Commission.

I totally disagree with the idea that granting a voting right to the foreign residents in Japan helps turn Japan into a socialist state.

As far as granting a voting right to the foreign residents in Japan is concerned, you should read the article written by Kazuhiro Nagao, Professor of the Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, Chuo University.
Read the article:

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