The Free World to Monitor If Japan Pursues Justice

It is reported that a thorough investigation into the case of the Chinese fishing boat captain had been done when he was released with charges against him still pending (no decision on whether to indict him or not has been made yet).

This simply means that the captain will be indicted if prosecutors decide to do so.

Minister of Justice Mr. Minoru Yanagida was accused of being a liar when he replied to the question raised by the opposition party whether we have had any case in which a crime suspect was not indicted at all while charges against the suspect remains valid. Justice Minister said that there are many such cases I know of.

However, Director General of Criminal Justice Bureau, Ministry of Justice Mr. Nishikawa replied to the same question as Justice Minister did a minute ago by clearly stating that we must decide whether or not to indict the crime suspect without fail.

Some say that Chief Cabinet Secretary Mr.Yoshito Sengoku is trying to secretly drop any charges against the captain when the general public here forgets the case.

The free and democratic nations should carefully monitor the case if it is properly handled in accordance with the existing laws of Japan because the case has something to do with the communist state where people get arrested for any words criticizing the government. I regard the case as one important step to democratize China.

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