Korean Custom of Breasts Exposure in Public

We should respect every custom and tradition in any particular nation because there should be reasons behind why they keep and nurture them.  

Photos above (taken before 1910 Japan-Korea annexation) show Korean women proudly exposing their breasts out in public. Korea had enjoyed, for centuries, the custom of granting a special privilege of "public breasts exposure" to the women who gave birth to their first baby boy. 
It seems that Koreans still remember a bitter experience with Japan who prohibited the long-lived traditional practice in a process of modernizing Korea after Japan-Korea annexation was agreed on in 1910.
Japan may have to repentantly admit that she committed the most inconsiderate violation of forcing (?) the Korean women (recently proven to be the most decent in the world in numerous movies, etc. produced by the Republic of Korea. ) to refrain from pursuing their cultural cultivation, for which Japan may have to make reparation in any possible way.
Ex. To help both ROK and DPRK revive their lost traditional practice of exposing breasts out in public by showing the old photos to the Korean population quite oblivious not only to their history but also to the way to appreciate generosity and kindness extended by others.
The photo below (recently discovered) is a front cover of the book titled “Korea” Zwischen Krieg Und Frieden published in 1954, meaning Between War and Freedom, showing a Korean woman still maintaining the traditional custom of breasts exposure believed to have been lost during the 35 years long Japan-Korea annexation from 1910 to 1945.



  1. both korea and japan have been more natural with human sexuality than the chinese and the hypocritic western christians. and it's mostly the westerners and their asian christian converts that tried to sensationize sexual escapades of japanese invaders in korea and china, in order to divide and conquer asia.

    all asian must be united to repel western imperialism and domination in asia once for all.

  2. hereby lies the the cause for suspicion of the sexual sensational smear of Asians by the shamelessly filthy Christians. The Koreans, as well as the Japanese, and sometimes the Chinese, prefer to treat and enjoy sex as a normal everyday activity, rather than some exploitation and preying on others.
    Also, we need to note that in japan, the two sexes used to just take public bathes together naked.

  3. "Frieden" means "peace". "Freedom" is "Freiheit".


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