Korean Foods Killed Two Boys and Poisoned Many Others

As this food poisoning incidence is a developing story, "Voice of Japan via Tweeting" will update it whenever necessary.

The following is a tentative translation of what TV reports on incidences of food-poisoning at Korean restaurants in Japan, killing two boys aged 6 and 10 respectively after they ate Korean Yukhoe( 肉膾、육회) and Korean barbecue. It is reported that more than 60 people have been hospitalized.


There is another case of food-poisoning at Korean restaurant chain in Japan, in which one woman has been in a serious condition. Two boys earlier died of food-poisoning by eating Korean Yukhoe( 1肉膾、육회) and barbecue served at the Korean restaurant of the same chain in Toyama Prefecture, Japan.

Japan has a very strict food safety and hygiene standard on raw meats applicable when consumed raw. President of the Korean restaurant chain angrily accepted the fact that no shipment and/or distribution of beef being edible raw out of slaughter houses situated in Japan has ever been made here in Japan at all.

In regards to two death cases in which two boys died after consuming Korean Yukhoe( 肉膾、육회) and barbecue served at  the Korean restaurant, president expresses his anger by saying "Japan should ban serving Korean Yukhoe( 肉膾、육회) at the restaurants by laws", forgetting his own failure to oberve Japan's strict food safety and hygiene standard on raw meats.  (逆切れ)

President says "In case that someone violates the laws prohibiting raw beef other than approved beef being edible raw from serving at restaurants, he or she should be immediately arrested over violation of laws."

This restaurant chain has been known for reasonably priced Korean Yukhoe( 肉膾、육회) and Korean barbecue. One of the boys, aged 6 who died of Hemolytic-uremic syndrome on April 21 (abbreviated HUS-see Hemolytic-uremic syndrome  ), ate Korean Yukhoe( 肉膾、육회) at Korean restaurant in Tonami city, Toyoama Prefecture , which has been found contaminated with 0111. And the other boy aged 10 who died of HUS on April 27, ate the same food at Korean restaurant of the same restaurant chain in Fukui city, Fukui Prefecture.

When the incidences of food-poisoning became known to the people last Friday, president bowed with apology at the press conference. However, he has a little changed his attitude when interviewed today. He expresses his anger by saying "My company has received a countless number of e-mails blaming us for what happened and calling us Killers. There may be some faults of not observing food safety and hygiene standard and may be some negligence to fully recognize its importance. But I will have to say why there is no distribution of beef being edible raw in Japan." (逆切れ)

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,  hygiene standard on meats being edible raw is as follows:

1. Coliform presence must be negative.
2. Tools and utensils must be prepared and used only for processing and cooking meats.
3. The meats that satisfy the above requirements must be identified with a tag "being edible raw".
4. The meats that don't satisfy the requirements must be consumed only after they are sufficiently heated.

Regarding the fact that there is no distribution of raw meats except horse meat and liver in Japan, president angrily admits that we have used the same meats as other Korean barbecue restaurants have throughout Japan and that we have caused this incidence due to some faults we and/or distributors we are dealing with are somehow responsible for. (逆切れ)

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