The Allied Powers Violated the Hague Land War Convention in the Post War Japan

Mr. Kazuo Ijiri, a columnist focuses on the following three points with emphasis on a violation of Hague Land War Convention by the occupation forces led by MacArthur, Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers (SCAP).

A Summary of the Above Video Footage
1. National Diet (Japan's national legislature) members federation established on February 25
2. April 28 should be designated as Sovereignty Restoration Day
3. April 28 is the most important day in the post war history

A newspaper clipping (Sankei) dated February 26 shown in the video says:
National Diet Members Federation (members of the Liberal Democratic Party) headed by Mr. Takeshi Noda, a member of the House of Representatives has been established on February 25 for promoting "Designation of April 28 as Sovereignty Restoration Day". The purpose of designating April 28 as Sovereignty Restoration Day is to remind the Japanese nationals of portraying themselves what independence of Japan should mean. Although they are not particular about designating April 28 as a national holiday, they demand that the Government of Japan should hold some memorial event on the day.

We have had an annual meeting named "National Gathering for Sovereignty Restoration Day" in Tokyo on April 28 for the last 15 years, in which we celebrate "Sovereignty Restoration" and discuss its significance. This means that Japan was placed under the military administration of the Allied Forces for about 6 years and 8 months from September 2, 1945 when Japan signed an instrument of surrender aboard Battleship Missouri anchored in the Bay of Tokyo to April 28, 1952 when Japan restored its independence.

Moreover, we should never forget the historical fact that during the period of military occupation the present constitution and the fundamental law of education were established, thereby constituting a crime in view of the Hague Land War Convention since the Convention prohibits the occupation forces from establishing the laws being permanent in nature in the occupied areas. The occupation forces may give orders being temporary in nature to those occupied as observed in the cases of agricultural land reform order, Zaibatsu dissolution order, etc. The spirit of the Hague Land War Convention is found in the area where the occupations forces may exercise their very strong authority to control the occupied areas by giving orders but not establishing the laws binding them permanently.

MacArthur, Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers (SCAP)  committed a crime of establishing the constitution and the fundamental law of education being permanent in nature with some Japanese politicians in such a manner as to violate the Hague Land War Convention. They fall into a category of co-principals in committing a crime, whose responsibilities shall be defined as being equal, under Japan's Criminal Law.

Regardless of political inclinations, all the political parties neglected the significance of remembering and celebrating April 28 as "Sovereignty Restoration Day". The Liberal Democratic Party now as a major opposition party has finally acted in direction of promoting "Designation of April 28 as Sovereignty Restoration Day", so as to remind us that April 28 is the  most important day for the Japanese nationals in the post war history as it gives us an opportunity to review the post war history of Japan.

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