Japan to Propose Closer Military Alliance with S. Korea? Who wants it?

Please read this article while you listen to the Warship March adopted by the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1900, which the old generation of the Japanese people repeatedly listened to during WWII. This video shows the Japanese Martime Self-Denfense Force going forward with the Warship March designated as its ceremonial music.

The New York Times reports that Japan's Defense Minister Kitazawa will soon visit Seoul with several proposals aimed at strengthening military ties despite South Korea's lingering bitterness over Japan's colonial past, Japanese news media reported on Tuesday.

In regards to the above breaking news, I would like to focus on the Japanese tweet pasted below which says "Japan and South Korea will discuss military defense cooperation on January 10th-just forget it because they're gonna say-giving due consideration to the Korean sentiments or something?"

日韓両国が防衛協力強化で協議へ、10日に防衛相会談 | Reuters どうせ「韓国の国民感情に配慮して・・・」とか言い出すんだろ?やめろ。

My comments:

Before Japan begins discussion on this issue any further, one should remember that Japan has not formed any military alliance with South Korea at all, thereby giving the general public a total surprise.  The general public believes that there has been nothing between Japan and South Korea in the area of military cooperation.

A general reaction to this breaking news I have so far observed through the tweets in Japanese is not positive at all. Although the New York Times points out that South Korea still harbors bitterness over Japan's colonial past, the Japanese people being knowledgeable of the period (before, during and after annexation of the Korean peninsula by Japan) does not recognize legitimacy of claims over a number of incidents South Korea persistently insists had occurred after the Korean peninsula was annexed to Japan in 1910. Rather, the general public has formed a sense of strong resentment towards the irrationalities demonstrated by the Koreans.

It seems so strange  that Democratic Party of Japan has consistently objected any military build-up and has sought to uphold article 9 of Japan's Constitution, however, on the verge of another Korean War, the party recklessly seeks any means to help South Korea out by creating Japan's military ties with South Korea. Besides, the general public still remembers well that Chief Cabinet Secretary Sengoku  regards the Japanese Self-Defense Forces as "violence mechanism".

It is so obvious to the Japanese general public that somebody, whoever it is, has been manipulating Japan's deeper involvement with the issues proper to two Koreas for the sake of securing ATM or cash dispenser whenever and whoever needs to finance what may come in the future.

Japan has maintained its military alliance with the United States of America for five decades. U.S.-Japan Security Treaty has proved to be effective during and after the cold war. No one has denied its importance although the former Prime Minister Hatoyama damaged, for the first time in the history of security pact, confidence both nations have nurtured.

Tripartite Military Alliance?  published on Dec. 6, 2010

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