Who is the best copycat? China or Korea?

South Koreans are now getting upset about what Chinese are doing.

South Koreans have become so aware of intellectual property rights when they realize that their products are being copied by Chinese.

According to the Korean news report, a special exhibition to show how Chinese have copied the Korean originals was held by KOTRA Co. in South Korea from October 21 to October 22.

See the photos attached http://bit.ly/9fBuGA

The first photo shows "Hello Kitty" dolls; one made in S. Korea and the other made in China.

It seems so strange that Koreans never realize what they are doing. What they are doing is to compare the Korean made fake "Kitty" with the Chinese made fake "Kitty". "Kitty" dolls are in fact the products of Sanrio in Japan. Visit Sanrio HP. http://bit.ly/3M8MPp

The second photo http://bit.ly/9fBuGA
shows a Korean girl holding two fake products as if to say their intellectual property right has been violated by China; one made in Korea and the other made in China.

However, both South Korea and China have violated intellectual property rights of the Japanese company named Calbee. Visit Calbee's HP. http://bit.ly/edmOmg

According to KOTARA Co. in South Korea, these products have been collected from the Korean companies suffering damages due to the violations of the intellectual property rights by the Chinese companies. They say that 27 cases of intellectual property rights violations were reported in 2004 and 123 in 2009. 67 cases have been reported by July this year.

As you can see, Japan has to deal with the people who don't even realize what they are doing at all.
         The above is a tentative translation of the attached news. http://bit.ly/9fBuGA

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