Imperial Japan-Successful Transformation of Taiwan into the Civilized Island

http://bit.ly/edjgen http://bit.ly/5TZ6q These videos show how Japan had successfully transformed Taiwan into the civilized island before Chen Kai Shek took over.

The two videos, I believe, were prepared from two different perspectives; the first one from the Japanese perspective and the second from the U.S. perspective.

However, they both prove that no one can deny Japan's enormous contribution to the development of Taiwan.

No Taiwanese (those not related to the Chinese brought by Chang Kai Shek) hates Japan & her people unlike Koreans still display hatred generated through brainwashing process in their school education systems both North and South Koreas devised to justify their incompetence to deal with China. Korea was a vassal state of China more than 1000 years until Japan set it free from the Chinese domination in 1895 (signing of The Treaty of Shimonoseki also known as the Treaty of Maguan).

Article 1: China recognizes definitively the full and complete independence and autonomy of Korea, and, in consequence, the payment of tribute and the performance of ceremonies and formalities by Korea to China, that are in derogation of such independence and autonomy, shall wholly cease for the future.

Articles 2 & 3: China cedes to Japan in perpetuity and full sovereignty of the Penghu group, Taiwan and the eastern portion of the bay of Liaodong Peninsula together with all fortifications, arsenals and public property.

Article 4: China agrees to pay to Japan as a war indemnity the sum of 200,000,000 Kuping taels

Article 6: China opens Shashih, Chungking, Soochow and Hangchow to Japan. Moreover, China is to grant Japan most-favored-nation treatment.

http://bit.ly/cjFDBp This video shows that Japan built better infrastructures in Taiwan than what Japan had on its mainland in those days.

http://bit.ly/bhpU5n This video shows how much the old generation of Taiwan still loves & misses Imperial Japan. Many of the old generation of Taiwan still speak better Japanese than the present generation of Japan.

Many of those educated by Japan were killed by Chang Kai Shek army. They still hate Chinese as they express their anger by calling them "Chan koro", meaning "Chinks" in the video.

The original Taiwanese are not the same as the Chinese on mainland China. Thus, the Chinese brought by Chan Kai Shek are not the originals.

Every Taiwanese (originals) you meet in Taiwan still loves and misses Imperial Japan period. No bad memories of Japan at all. http://bit.ly/hPoF34

http://bit.ly/hPoF34 After the arrival of Chan Kai Shek in Taiwan, the original Taiwanese were subject to discrimination & oppression.

http://bit.ly/eZdOj9 This video shows what Chan Kai Shek did to the original Taiwanese people. Thousands of Taiwanese were massacred by Chan Kai Shek. It is still remembered as the 2/28/47 Massacre.

I believe some Taiwanese claiming territorial sovereignty over Senkaku Islands must be those related to mainland China. Now the mainland China has been attempting to take back Taiwan and to illegally occupy Senkaku Islands proper to Japan.

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