China Remains Silent on the Chinese Fishing Boat Ramming Korean Coast Guard Ship

Korean Coast Guard has reportedly decided to strengthen its patrol in EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) in the Yellow Sea where the Chinese fishing boat sank after ramming a 3,000 tones South Korean coast guard ship Saturday, leaving one crew member dead and another missing. Watch this video http://bit.ly/fbQA5A 

However, the famous spokeswoman of the People's Republic of China has so far kept herself quite on the incident as she was so loud a few months ago when the Chinese trawler attacked the Japanese Coast Guard ship in Japan's territorial waters near Senkaku islands. Watch these
videos  http://bit.ly/ehvMYp  http://bit.ly/efxmht   just to see how harsh she was on Japan by screaming like "stop any irresponsible remarks on Senkaku islands" and by proudly declaring that "China arrested 4 Japanese engineers" for spying on the sensitive facility. It is a Chinese frameup.

However, they were simply trying to cooperate with China in disposing of the chemical weapons left unused by the Imperial Japanese Army (a project  to be executed at Japan's expenses based upon the agreement between Japan and China).

A number of the similar incidents of violating the international laws we have observed in the past prove that China practices illegal fishing in the foreign waters and approves of the internationally illegal activities routinely carried out by the Chinese fishermen.

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