Chinatowns are Signs of Chinese Invasion into Japan?

The People's Republic of China opened up its 6th Consulate-General in multi-tenant building, Niigata city, Niigata Prefecture, Japan on June, 2010 after its failure to secure a location on Okinawa. The multi-tenant building houses not only Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China but also Consulate-General of the Russian Federation.

Since Okinawa is considered strategically quite sensitive, there are only four nations (U.S.A., Philippines, Brazil and Peru) that maintain their Consulate-Generals there.

When Liberal Democratic Party was in power on March last year, China made a proposal to establish its Consulate-General on Okinawa. However, it was rejected for the reason that China would possibly place its military and intelligence personnel to monitor Senkaku islands, etc.

In August this year only two months after 6th Chinese Consulate-General in Japan was opened, China has begun to negotiate with Niigata City government on purchasing rather large land for building its own Consulate-General compound near Niigata railway station.

Coupled with this move, China has already proposed a plan to establish China town in Niigata city.

Local people of Niigata city have raised a number of questions over those moves made by China. Mr. K. Umehara insists that Niigata city should examine the case Sendai city experienced before deciding on whether to accept the construction of China town combined with Chinese Consulate-General.

Sendai City had almost accepted the proposal to construct China town near Chinese Consulate-General before Mr. K. Umehara became Mayor of Sendai City.

Mr. K. Umehara successfully turned down the plan as soon as he was elected as Mayor. He based his rejection of the plan on the reasons listed below.

1. Chinese investment fund aims at constructing China town in the area of 15,000 square meters where they plan to open 200 shops with 800 Chinese employees (Chinese nationals), thereby establishing its stronghold within Japan for intelligence activities and subsequent invasion into Japan.
2. Miyagi Prefectural Police Headquarter reports that Chinese have committed 70% of all the crimes under its jurisdiction.
3. The Chinese investment fund is reported to have non-performing loans.
4. China town next to or close to Consulate-General suggests that if a Chinese living in there commits any crimes, all he or she has to do is to run to Consulate-General compound nearby for safety since there exists extraterritoriality even criminal suspects are entitled to benefit from within the compound. We should note that Japan and China have not yet concluded extradition agreement.


Note: China towns we are talking about here are not like those established in Yokohama, Kobe and Nagasaki a long ago by the Chinese immigrants. They are the towns to be established by the People's Republic of China.

Besides, Chinese are buying up a lot of water resources, real estate, etc. in Japan.

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