New International Terminal of Haneda Airport in Tokyo No.6: Haneda International Terminal has finally opened today! Everyone has awaited its opening for decades, during which the then-ruling party Liberal Democratic Party was incompetent in competing with Asian peers for the reason unknown to its voters.

Many Japanese feel that Liberal Democratic Party should assume full responsibility for Japan being so much behind other Asian nations in increasing its free and easy access to the outside of Japan.

The then-ruling party LDP pushed so hard a plan of constructing the local airports (whose number is 98 in the area 10% smaller than California) in the last decades, many of which have currently been linked to Inchon International Airport instead of Haneda or Narita, thereby giving a status of "Hub airport" to Inchon International Airport.

I consider the above as one of the major factors Liberal Democratic Party has lost to the Democratic Party of Japan currently in power.

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