The Largest Demonstration Against China over Senkaku Islands

Watch the excellent video of the demonstration on October 16 which no mass media  in Japan have reported this much in detail.
The largest demonstration was staged in Tokyo on October 16 against the Chinese invasion into Japan's territorial waters.

This video reports the demonstration very well in detail, which the Japanese mass media have so far reported practically nothing at all due to the possible political censorship by the ruling party.

The demonstration carried out on October 16 in Tokyo should be characterized as being very much civilized with no radical aspects at all. The people who participated in the demonstration are not right wingers at all but just the ordinary citizens from all walks of life.

The ruling party or whoever is trying to make the world think the demonstration was organized by a small number of rightists. Besides, the Japanese mass media reported the number was 2000 or so, in order to minimize its negative impact on Japan and China relationship. The actual number of demonstrators is 5,800 as confirmed by the Police Authority in Japan.

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