Expressing antagonism not only toward Japan but also toward USA

The following video uploaded on October 6, 2009 suggests how much freedom the people living in Japan have enjoyed whether they are majority or not. I doubt that the government of People's Republic of China, the government of South Korea and the government of North Korea will allow any Japanese to criticize their governments as much as Japan does in the following video.  If they criticize this much, they get arrested for whatever crimes they will make up.

They don't get arrested or anything at all here in Japan even if they speak up loudly only for the benefits of the Korean peninsula and China, based on the stories fabricated in the last decades.

Besides, they are all speaking as if to say that their countries have been innocent victims in every respect. But remember, just to cite one recent example,  South Korea dispatched a large number of soldiers to Viet Nam and viciously killed many Vietnamese.The People's Republic of China invaded Tibet,  not to mention atrocities repeatedly executed not only in Tibet but also in the other areas by the People's Republic of China in the last decades.

Thus, many Japanese are finding this video so aggravating to them as long as their comments on this video are concerned.

I suppose that the program was televised before the general election of the lower house was carried out on August 30, 2009.

Mr. Rokusuke Ei, lyricist, composer, author, essayist and TV personality
Ms. Chinatsu Nakayama, anti-war activist, writer, TV personality, singer, ex-member of the upper house of the National Diet, etc.
Mr.Kikuya Matsuzaki, novelist
Ms. Kei Ishizaka, leftist, cartoonist, novelist, feminist.
Ms. Shin Sukuoku (辛淑玉신숙옥), businessperson, writer, visiting researcher at San Diego Campus of California University

(A Meeting on "Japanese must die without resisting at all."-9 min. 55 Sec.)

Ms. Shin Sukuoku said: An article 9 (See note below) of the post war constitution of Japan ends with "We shall not initiate wars and we shall not kill--". However, I consider it wrong. It should be written in such a manner as to express "We shall not kill anybody even if we are killed." In other words, the article 9 should be written to bind the Japanese people not to use any violence no matter what violence they might go through.

Ms. Chinatsu Nakayama said: You mean Japan should abandon even a right to defend itself?

Ms. Shin Sukuoku said: Yes, that’s right. They must show their absolute determination not to use any violence, thereby securing some sort of guarantee that they will not get any bashing. Without such a firm determination, they will for sure kill people. I really think they need such a determination no matter what happens.

Ms. Chinatsu Nakayama said: But the world we live in now makes anyone difficult to make such determination.

Ms. Shin Sukuoku said: No matter what happens, they should not kill anybody. This is the determination they need for sure.

Ms. Chinatsu Nakayama said: As long as violence occurs out of self-defense, it can be justified. This is a concept introduced into Japan by USA.

Ms. Shin Sukuoku said: USA has kept killing people out of self-defense. Every war starts out of self-defense. And, they make profits out of killing people. They consider it good for economy.

Ms. Chinatsu Nakayama said: Our generation gives the second thought to anything profitable but the young generation doesn't care about anything at all as long as they make profits. The present society might regard wars as being acceptable for the profits they generate.

Mr.Kikuya Matsuzaki said: In regards to a revision to the current Constitution, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has made a proposal as follow:

憲法9条第二項 我が国の平和と独立並びに国及び国民の安全を確保するため内閣総理大臣を最高指揮権者とする自衛軍を保持する。

Article 9 (2) To possess Self-Defense Forces commanded by Prime Minister as the commander-in-chief so as to maintain peace and independence of our nation, and to secure safety of our nation and people. -Tentatively translated by Ted Yokohama.

You know what it means. Japan's Prime Minister visits Yasukuni Shrine where he renews his determination not to initiate wars while he holds a position of being the commander-in-chief of Self-Defense Forces. I think he is inconsistent in every respect. I don't want our Prime Minister to make any contradictions.

Ms. Shin Sukuoku said: A proposal on revision made by the Liberal Democratic Party sounds so ridiculous because it says "We will not fight but we possess weapons."

Mr.Kikuya Matsuzaki said: The Liberal Democratic Party has never said a word about the contradiction I have just pointed out.
Ms. Chinatsu Nakayama said: I don't want to say this but Japan is getting to be like US where everyone defends oneself with weapons. This is the trend observed here.

Mr.Kikuya Matsuzaki said: They say "Since our constitution was prepared by US, we should remake it. This is an idea behind what they are doing now." If that is the case, I believe that Japan should produce Constitution better than the one made by US.

Ms. Chinatsu Nakayama said: Onlookers (US, etc.) can read the game better than the players themselves (Japanese). So, there is a case in which one prepared by others is better than the other prepared by the Japanese.

Ms. Shin Sukuoku said: From my perspective, I should say that Japan has not observed even the current Constitution. I will never expect that Japan will observe a new constitution even a bit, if approved based on the proposal made by the Liberal Democratic Party. When reading through the LDP proposal, I realize that all the Japanese have finally accepted the same status as Korean citizens in Japan. What I mean by this is that all the Japanese will lose every right they have so far enjoyed  once they approve of a new constitution. In other words, they will become subject to the control by the Government of Japan. This is similar to the conditions we Korean citizens in Japan have been placed in. We are not going to attain a status of the Japanese but they will attain the same status as we have had or the same as a minority group. Then, what will happen to us? Our status will remain still unchanged.

Mr.Kikuya Matsuzaki said: Not becoming equal.

Ms. Kei Ishizaka said: Then, they might say "Wait a minute!"

Ms. Shin Sukuoku said: They might say "We are Koreans from today!"

Mr. Rokusuke Ei said: If I were US Government, I would not let you come into US.

Ms. Chinatsu Nakayama said: You are going to US soon, aren't you? US has tightened its immigration control.

Ms. Shin Sukuoku said: Since 9/11, it is very difficult to enter USA. Some have been rejected at ports.

Ms. Chinatsu Nakayama said: Because I want you to come back here again, I may put something dangerous in your luggage.

Ms. Shin Sukuoku said: What is it? Like a new constitution drafted by the Liberal Democratic Party? What's Japan afraid of? Japan has a military power ranked the second in the world. One who has been beaten up tends to possess anything possibly available. I mean some scary weapons.  I mean kids wearing all kinds of stuff (weapons) because they feel uneasy with the situation. Or else, he goes to gyms for physical training to become tough.  These kids need some proper counseling.

Ms. Kei Ishizaka said: Our house is almost like open house all the time. Kids just come into our house. Many kids hang around like Pygmies. I can tell who has not experienced being hugged when looking at kids. Because they have never been hugged by anybody, they always try to seek favor or attention or try to keep distance. I can tell if they have not been hugged, by feeling how forceful they are.

Ms. Shin Sukuoku said: I think we should be hugging members of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Ms. Chinatsu Nakayama said: No, I will never, never.

Ms. Kei Ishizaka said: I will have to think about whom I should be hugging first.

Mr.Kikuya Matsuzaki said: You would better not! I feel so sick when I imagine it.

Ms. Kei Ishizaka said: Speaking about Prime Minister Koizumi, I just can’t understand him well because he keeps saying you can understand my visit to Ysukumi Shrine once we discuss about it. As a half of my family members are Chinese citizens, I have some good understanding of their feelings. No way for the Chinese to understand Yasukuni Shrine at all. Just imagine US has A-bomb festival once in a year during which US President opens a bottle of champagne and says "Cheers!" after making a speech like "A-bomb helped us shorten the war although many people were killed. I highly appreciate it as a great scientific achievement." How do you think the people in Japan react to it? The Japanese people would not like it. This is how much Chinese, Koreans, and other Asian people hate Yasukuni Shrine. I really feel sorry for Koizumi because of his failure to understand our feelings and of his arrogance. Neighboring nations will no longer deal with Japan. Maybe it is too late. Even if they revise the current constitution, we will not forget the past history. Only the Japanese people are forgetting the past war.

Ms. Shin Sukuoku said: I consider this act of revising the Constitution as declaration of war against us. That's for sure.

The official English translation of the article reads:
ARTICLE 9. Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes. (2) To accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.

My Comments:
Many viewers, I suppose they are Japanese, regard this video as aggravating and suspect that they are engaged in anti-Japan operations, trying to brainwash the people into thinking that Japan has been an evil state while both Koreas and China are so perfect and just totally innocent.

Some viewers even propose that Japan should have a law that will protect Japan against their excessive abuse of resources here as those Korean citizens, Chinese citizens, etc. in Japan have been granted special privileges. (See 在日特権 at http://bit.ly/9S4eD8 )

Many view those Korean citizens, Chinese citizens, etc. in Japan as hypocrites since they try to propagate an idea of “The Japanese must die without resisting or they must not kill anybody even if they are killed.” However, they fail to mention the following atrocities they have committed at all. Just a few are listed below.
1.    During the period of January 18, 1952 (date of unilateral establishment of Syngman Rhee Line) to June 22, 1965 (signing date of Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea), 328 Japanese fishing vessels were captured and 3,929 fishermen were abducted by South Korea. And,44 Japanese fishermen were brutally murdered by South Korea. (See VOJ via Tweeting at http://voiceofjapanviatweeting.blogspot.com/2011/02/takeshima-dayshould-be-remembered-along.html )

2.    Korean Citizens committed all types of atrocities in Japan soon after Japan declared acceptance of Potsdam Declaration on August 15, 1945.

     Watch this video 4 min.46 sec.
3.    Uighurs have been mistreated and oppressed by Han Chinese in China.

Watch this video 1 min. 30 sec.

4.    Access The Tibet Post at http://www.thetibetpost.com/  and follow @tibettruth

Watch this video 2 min. 56 sec.

Watch this video 3 min. 59 sec.

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