PM Hatoyama at the Condolence Service of Korean Soliders BUT --------

 http://bit.ly/hJXJT1 The general public here in Japan feel a little bit strange to see the former Prime Minister Hatoyama immediately showing up at the condolence service held for the two Korean soldiers killed on Yeonpyeong island by the North Korean attack on November 23 while he failed to attend the memorial service held last year for the Japan Self-Defense Forces soldiers killed in carrying out their official duties.

Whenever the memorial services were held, Prime Ministers except the former PM Hatoyama attended them as below.

Name of Prime Minister Date of Memorial Services

Prime Minister Kishi September 30, 1957
Prime Minister Ikeda May 26, 1962
Prime Minister Takeshita October 29, 1988
Prime Minister Murayama October 28, 1995
Prime Minister Hashimoto October 26, 1996
Prime Minister Hashimoto October 25, 1997
Prime Minister Obuchi October 31, 1998
Prime Minister Obuchi October 30, 1999
Prime Minister Mori October 28, 2000
Prime Minister Koizumi October 27, 2001
Prime Minister Koizumi October 19, 2002
Prime Minister Koizumi October 25, 2003
Prime Minister Koizumi November 6, 2004
Prime Minister Koizumi October 29, 2005
Prime Minister Abe October 28, 2006
Prime Minister Fukuda October 27, 2007
Prime Minister Aso October 18, 2008
Chief Cabinet Secretary
Hirano October 24, 2009

As confirmed to be true, the former PM Hatoyama sent his Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirano to attend the memorial service for 1,813 SDF soldiers killed while carrying out their official duties. http://bit.ly/dF0uAi (See the notice of memorial service to be held by Ministry of Defense)

Therefore, some consider the former PM Hatoyama to be a great traitor whose soul is rotten.

The statement made by the former PM Hatoyama to the Korean side at the condolence service is "I really felt obliged to immediately attend this condolence service when I was informed that the Korean soldiers were killed by the North Korean attack.

The above has been written based upon the report below.

by ImpacD

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