Is Kan Prime Minister of Japan?

A majority of Japanese nationals feel that Kan is no longer Prime Minister of Japan at all and whoever gathers around him will eventually turn out to be a traitor as evidenced in one recent case in which DPJ lawmaker Ryuichi Doi signed a declaration that Japan should immediately give up sovereignty claims over disputed islets known as Takeshima situated in the Sea of Japan during his visit to South Korea in February. See Takeshima Day竹島の日Should Be Remembered Along With January 18, 1952-A Date Which Will Live In Infamy
Kan admits that he accepted political donations from a citizen of South Korea whose identity has been found to be an owner of pachinko parlors in Naka ku, Yokohama, Japan. However, he still insists that he didn't know that he was a Korean citizen.
Kan made it clear that JPY 1,040,000 had already been returned back to a Korean citizen operating pachinko parlors on March 14, three days after a triple disaster hit Japan. Kan stated that his lawyer returned the tainted money to a Korean citizen after confirming that a Korean man is not a Japanese national. And, Kan denied any allegations that he tried to conceal his act of returning tainted money back to the Korean citizen.
No one can deny totally a possibility that Korean citizens (whether they are South or North) still residing in Japan for whatever reasons they might have are linked to intelligence organizations, trying to influence Japan's policies for the interests of the Korean peninsula. One thing that is so sure is that they will have to fight for their countries as long as they maintain the Korean citizenship.
On February 21, 2008 when the then president of Democratic Party of Japan Ozawa visited South Korea and met South Korean then president-elect  Lee Myung-bak who reportedly requested Ozawa to grant  local suffrage (voting rights in local elections) to Korean citizens still residing in Japan for whatever reasons they might have and then to extend help to his comrades doing pachinko business in Japan.as they were going through difficulties after stricter regulations on pachinko business became effective.
It seems so ridiculous and at the same time arrogant that South Korean then president-elect Lee made those requests to Ozawa rather than telling his own people to give up an idea of participating in Japanese politics unless they choose to become naturalized and to abandon their Korean citizenship. Of course, they must be thoroughly scrutinized by the Ministry of Justice before Japanese citizenship is granted. South Korean then president-elect Lee also failed to remember that South Korea banned pachinko business in the country in 2006 for the reason that their people became so addicted to it, thereby creating a number of social problems, knowing that Japan also has faced huge social problems arising from pachinko industry.
Therefore, it is so clear that there exist close relationships between pachinko industry and the Korean peninsula whose economy has largely depended on pachinko business, sucking up money (somewhere between JPY 25 trillion and JPY 30 trillion) and wasting energy (equivalent to the electricity generated by Fukushima Daiichi) Japan desparetely requires for its recovery, only for the benefit of the Korean peninsula. Besides, none of the Kan cabinet members (or even members of Democratic Party of Japan) has ever memtioned a word about negative effects of pachinko industry on Japan and her people.
Many vividly remember that the then Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara resigned on March 6 over his illegal political donation (JPY250,000) scandal involving a Korean citizen. But Kan still insists that he didn't know if he was a Korean citizen or not at the time of accepting political donations. Voters can not help assuming that Korean citizens who gave political donations to them have one purpose of influencing Japan's policies.
There is another case proving that Kan is no longer Prime Minister of Japan at all. Kan visited an evacuation center in Tamura-shi, Fukushima Prefecture on March 21 and encountered angry evacuees there as he was leaving the center as scheduled.
An evacuee (Angry Man) shouted angrily to Kan: Why are you already leaving here now? I have been waiting for you to come and talk to me but you have just ignored me.
Another evacuee (Woman in tears) said to Kan: I feel so hurt because you just ignored me. I was waiting here as I was told Prime Minister would come and visit us.
Kan said: I am so sorry that I didn't mean to pass by you all. I just didn't notice you at all.
Woman evacuee said to Kan: How could I trust you if you just ignored me waiting for you? I was told Prime Minister would come and see us.
Note: Every time I watch this video, I can't stop wetting my cheeks because I really understand how they feel about being ignored by Prime Minister Kan for whom they waited so long. This is just one example of what Kan really is.

首相 外国人献金ドサクサ返金「こっそりじゃない」 衆院予算委
前原外相が辞任を表明 「外国人からの献金は重く受け止めなければならない」
If you are really interested in an isue of granting local suffrage (voting rights in local elections)  to the Korean citizens in Japan, access  外国人の選挙権導入は憲法に違反する

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